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Keep Your Smile Healthy With A Dental Exam at Royal Dental Practice

Dr. Shoffet and the team at Royal Dental Practice in West Hills, Los Angeles, California, are committed to keeping your smile healthy. When we see a new patient, our first goal is to correct any dental problems that person may have. Our next goal is to prevent new problems in the future. That is why we advise all patients to visit us for a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning 2 to 4 times a year.

The Importance Of Early Detection And Treatment  

The problem with postponing dental care is that oral health problems are almost always progressive. You cannot just ignore it until it goes away because that is not going to happen. Without treatment, a small cavity will become a large one, or mild gum disease will become severe. Furthermore, there are often no noticeable symptoms in the earliest stages of oral disease. It takes the trained eye of a dentist, combined with advanced diagnostic tools, for early detection of:

  • Decay – Would you know if you have a cavity? Probably not unless it is large enough to feel with your tongue or deep enough to expose the nerve and cause pain.
  • Gum disease – This infection of the gum tissue is usually painless. However, it is incredibly destructive, and it can eventually damage the ligaments and bones that support your teeth. Without regular examinations, you might not realize you have a problem until you notice your teeth becoming loose.
  • Oral cancer – Although it can be deadly, oral cancer may appear to be nothing more serious than a small sore or lump, if you notice it at all. With VELscope technology, we can detect tissue abnormalities indicative of cancer before it is even visible.
  • Broken teeth – Of course, you would notice if you broke a large piece off a tooth. What about a little chip or fracture? Probably not. However, damaged enamel allows bacteria to enter the tooth structure, setting the stage for serious decay. Additionally, fractured teeth can be painful, even if you cannot see any damage.
  • Wear and tear – Worn enamel can make a tooth susceptible to damage. Additionally, excess or unusual wear on teeth can be a sign of malocclusion, bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth), or other problems.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

Preventive care or early treatment can help you:

  • Preserve your natural teeth
  • Avoid the pain of severe dental problems
  • Save time and money on major restorations

Do not wait until you have a noticeable problem to see your dentist. Schedule a dental exam at Royal Dental Practice in West Hills, Los Angeles, CA, today. Just give us a call at (818) 334-6655 to make an appointment.

Dr. Roya Shoffer Yaghoubian
Bringing over 30 years of creative talent, skill, experience, and knowledge Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a phenomenal doctor. Her drive to achieve the best result has earned her a spotless reputation in terms of dental excellence and as a great person, kind and empathetic towards the needs of her patients.

Her dental education at USC School of Dentistry and her long life eagerness for learning thru extensive courses and numerous seminars has brought her to become this successful passionate dentist that all her patients appreciate very much and travel from near and far. Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Fernando Valley Dental Society. Her capabilities range from all aspects of general dentistry including cosmetic dentistry to more complex restorative and periodontics, and oral surgery for all ages especially highly experienced and well known for geriatric dentistry, giving her patients a variety of options under the same roof.