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How is a digital dental x-ray in West Hills, CA different?

digital dental x-ray in West Hills, CA

One of the most common and most valuable diagnostic tools in dentistry is the x-ray. At Royal Dental Practice, we use digital radiography technology for faster, safer, more comfortable dental x-rays. Our team is qualified and experienced in using this advanced technology to provide you with the best possible patient experience.

About the procedure

A digital x-ray is a computerized scan of your mouth or a specific area. We use a panoramic x-ray machine, which captures an image of the entire mouth in a single scan. It takes just a few moments and only emits a tiny bit of radiation. It works with a specialized sensor, so there are no uncomfortable film strips that you need to bite down on. The resulting image is transferred to our computer immediately, where your dentist can view them and share them with you. We can easily see abnormalities in the teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures.

Benefits of digital x-rays

Dr. Shoffet invested in this advanced technology because it is better for your health and comfort for several reasons:

  • Digital radiography exposes the patient to less radiation than traditional x-rays.
  • The images are more precise and more detailed, enabling early diagnosis of decay, bone damage from periodontal disease, and other oral health problems.
  • Digital images are easily enlarged and manipulated on-screen, facilitating better treatment planning.
  • We can securely store the images in your electronic health record and easily send them to you or a dental specialist at your request.
  • The process is also environmentally friendly because we can avoid the chemicals used in developing standard film-based x-rays.

Discover the distinction that advanced technology can make

Digital radiography is just one of many advanced technologies that we use here at Royal Dental Practice, along with laser dentistry, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, and so much more. We understand that you deserve the best that modern dentistry has to offer, and we make every effort to provide just that.

You can experience the difference for yourself. Just give us a call at (818) 334-6655 and arrange an appointment. We look forward to providing you a reason to smile.