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Inlays and onlays restore the function and health of smiles in West Hills, California

Dental inlays and onlays treatment West Hills, California

Most people have heard of dental fillings and dental crowns, but the majority of people are not quite familiar with options of  inlays and onlays. Inlays and onlays are alternative treatment options when dental decay has caused more damage to the tooth to be restored by a simple filling and is not large enough to need a crown. Even though these options may be less familiar to the public, everyone should learn about these conservative yet versatile restorations. Inlays and onlays are custom-made dental restorations which are a great replacement for the missing tooth structure due to decay and/or fracture and can be named as a partial crown where only the broken or decayed part of the tooth is prepared and the healthy part remains intact. Just like in the Goldilocks story, inlays and onlays can be the solution in many  cases that is “just right”!

At Royal Dental Practice, Dr Shoffet performs an in-depth evaluation of each individuals’ teeth to make sure the appropriate solution is recommended to fit any patient specific needs, which may be an inlay or an onlay. 

What are inlays and onlays?

Inlays and onlays are similar to dental fillings in that they restore a portion of the tooth that is decayed or damaged, and they are similar to dental crowns in that they are made from a durable dental material – typically porcelain or composite resin or gold. These are custom-made after the tooth is prepared by your skilled dentist followed by dental impressions.

The difference between inlays and onlays

The key difference between inlays and onlays is how much of the tooth it covers:

  • An inlay fits within the hollow of the tooth but does not affect the cusps (the pointy parts at the top of posterior teeth)
  • An onlay repairs damage to the tooth cusps as well as the overall biting surface and is sometimes called a “partial crown” because it works very similarly but does not cover the entire surface of the tooth

What to expect with inlays and onlays

Getting inlays or onlays normally takes two appointments. In the first appointment, we prepare your tooth by gently drilling out and disinfecting the decayed areas. Then, we take dental impressions of the tooth so that your inlay or onlay can be custom-fabricated in a laboratory, and then we place a temporary inlay or onlay on the tooth to protect it and keep you comfortable while your restoration is being made. Once your inlay or onlay is ready, you will come back into the office and we will “try it on” to ensure it has the perfect fit, making any minor adjustments needed, and then bond it onto the tooth to restore its natural shape and function and protect it from further damage or decay. The results are outstanding.

Your partners in oral health

At Royal Dental Practice, we are devoted to providing personalized care based on every patient’s unique needs, and have particular expertise in providing care for older patients. To schedule your appointment at our West Hills, California dental practice, call us today at (818) 334-6655 or book your appointment online!

Patient Onlay Restoration at Royal Dental Practice - Dr. Roya Shoffet

Patient Onlay Restoration at Royal Dental Practice - Dr. Roya Shoffet
Dr. Roya Shoffet of Royal Dental Practice talks about an Onlay placement on a patient. Watch the video to see the final result.

Hello, everyone. Today I want to explain the journey of this tooth that had a very old restoration and an old amalgam. You can see some decay on the proximal side and abrasion.

This filling is probably from a long time ago, maybe when he was a teenager, and after taking the X-ray, we realized some decay was forming on the two sides of the tooth.

As you can see, there is open contact between this and the adjacent tooth, contributing to the fact that the patient’s tooth is decaying and that there was food impaction.

During his last visit, we removed the amalgam. When preparing the tooth, we realized direct filling was not an option as the extent of the cavity was beyond receiving a regular direct filling.

Therefore the next option would have been reinforced porcelain Onlays.

Once we clean the tooth, you see the dentin is caved and stained. This is the point we decided that the tooth no longer needs a direct filling but an Onlay.

We prepared the tooth for an Onlay, and today is the day of the delivery.

We ended up isolating the tooth, the tooth is adjacent to a canine, and the other was a rotated tooth, but look at the beautiful Onlay straight out after the cementation.

Here is the final result after we have polished and adjusted inclusion and applied sealer on it, and as you can see, it’s a perfect restoration. The contact is now closed and is no longer an open contact.

The patient loved it. I loved it. Congratulations!

Visit us at Royal Dental Practice to restore teeth function with Onlays.

Gone with the wind old black fillings – Royal Dental Practice

Gone with the wind old black fillings – Royal Dental Practice
Dr Roya Shoffet demonstrates on replacement of black fillings with porcelain onlays to restore a tooth.
Video Transcript
Dr Roya Shoffet demonstrates on replacement of black fillings, adding the porcelain only on the second molar, the tooth is already ready, and the porcelain onlay is fabricated in the last and we’re going to file it, and the tooth is born again now

A successful Porcelain crown and porcelain onlay – Dr Roya Shoffet

A successful Porcelain crown and porcelain onlay – Dr Roya Shoffet
Dr Roya Shoffet explains on a successful porcelain crown and a porcelain onlay restoring the teeth and smile of a patient at Royal Dental Practice in West Hills, CA
Video Transcript
Happy Friday everyone. Today we had a lovely day at Royal Dental Practice. We have cemented and delivered a crown and an olay, and I want to share it with you.

This is how the tooth started day one, and the cavities were underneath the old amalgam fillings, and the patient had crack lines and all sort of a problem with it. We have prepared it, this a

model that you can actually see the model is prepared. Today is when we wanted to deliver it. We prepared the tooth, and it’s all in rubber – it’s all protected and this is the final result. If you have one of those ugly looking feelings which is probably 100 years old and nobody has ever attended to it, just give us a call i can make them look like new, and make them brand new too. It is unbelievable the result you cannot even detect the margins of the tooth previously versus the tooth now, and hopefully it will be a very successful and permanent restoration for this patient. Love to share it with you – have a great weekend!
Dr. Roya Shoffer Yaghoubian
Bringing over 30 years of creative talent, skill, experience, and knowledge Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a phenomenal doctor. Her drive to achieve the best result has earned her a spotless reputation in terms of dental excellence and as a great person, kind and empathetic towards the needs of her patients.

Her dental education at USC School of Dentistry and her long life eagerness for learning thru extensive courses and numerous seminars has brought her to become this successful passionate dentist that all her patients appreciate very much and travel from near and far. Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Fernando Valley Dental Society. Her capabilities range from all aspects of general dentistry including cosmetic dentistry to more complex restorative and periodontics, and oral surgery for all ages especially highly experienced and well known for geriatric dentistry, giving her patients a variety of options under the same roof.