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The clear solution for straight teeth: Invisalign treatment in West Hills, CA

Whether you are a teen who loves selfies, a working-age adult with a professional image to protect, or a senior who wants to maintain your dignity – the appearance of your smile matters. Many people simply do not want to be seen wearing metal braces, nor do they want to contend with the dietary restrictions and hygiene challenges they entail. That is why millions of people choose to straighten their smiles with Invisalign, and why we are proud to offer this amazing orthodontic treatment at Royal Dental Practice in West Hills, CA.

About the Invisalign process

Invisalign clear braces are appropriate for adults and adolescents. This system can treat almost any problem that traditional orthodontics can, with comparable results. However, that is where the similarities stop. Invisalign is a high-tech teeth straightening solution, which uses a series of clear, removable aligners rather than metal brackets and wires.

The Invisalign process begins with digital imaging, also known as digital impressions. The treatment is planned using specialized software that simulates each tooth movement, showing the projected results. Once the plan is created and refined, a laboratory will create a series of customized aligners. You will wear each aligner for a couple of weeks, then move on the next one in the series, moving teeth in small increments. When treatment is complete, you may need to wear an Invisalign retainer to maintain your beautifully straight smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

We offer both Invisalign and traditional braces. Many people opt for Invisalign for several reasons, including:

  • Aesthetics – Invisalign transparent aligners are discreet. Most people will never notice you are wearing them.
  • Comfort – The aligners are ultra-thin, lightweight, and slightly flexible, making them more comfortable than metal.
  • Convenience – You will not have to worry about cleaning under wires or around brackets. You can remove aligners to brush and floss with ease.
  • Freedom – If you dread the list of forbidden foods while wearing braces, then Invisalign is for you. Since aligners are removed at mealtime, you can eat what you want.

Begin your journey to a straighter smile

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, call Royal Dental Practice at (818) 334-6655 and schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

Dr. Roya Shoffer Yaghoubian
Bringing over 30 years of creative talent, skill, experience, and knowledge Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a phenomenal doctor. Her drive to achieve the best result has earned her a spotless reputation in terms of dental excellence and as a great person, kind and empathetic towards the needs of her patients.

Her dental education at USC School of Dentistry and her long life eagerness for learning thru extensive courses and numerous seminars has brought her to become this successful passionate dentist that all her patients appreciate very much and travel from near and far. Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Fernando Valley Dental Society. Her capabilities range from all aspects of general dentistry including cosmetic dentistry to more complex restorative and periodontics, and oral surgery for all ages especially highly experienced and well known for geriatric dentistry, giving her patients a variety of options under the same roof.