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Get Relief and Restore the Health of your Smile with Tooth Extraction Services

At times, planned or emergency tooth removal and extraction may be necessary. At Royal Dental Practice of West Hills Los Angeles, California, Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian can assist. She is pleased to offer dental extractions and other oral surgery solutions, such as bone grafting. If you are looking for “tooth removal near me,” consider connecting with our team of professionals!

What types of tooth extraction are available?

Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian and her team at Royal Dental Practice of West Hills Los Angeles, California, are pleased to offer the following tooth extraction services:

  • Simple dental extractions. With a simple extraction, the tooth is loosened with forceps and then removed. This type of extraction is usually performed when the tooth has visible crowns above the gumline
  • Surgical extractions. Surgical extractions are more complex procedures that require a dentist to make an incision in the gums and remove part of the bone surrounding the tooth before extracting it. They are typically used for teeth that cannot be easily accessed by forceps, such as those impacted below the gumline or those broken off at the gumline
  • Wisdom teeth removal. Impacted or partial bony impactions often require surgical extractions due to their position, which can cause difficulty accessing them with forceps. The Royal Dental Practice team has extensive experience performing wisdom teeth removals and can ensure a safe, successful procedure

Referral for complex cases

When complex removal is needed, our team at Royal Dental Practice may refer patients to a local oral surgeon to seek treatment. During the initial evaluation, she can determine if painless tooth extraction can be performed in her office or by a more skilled professional in the community.

Mastering Wisdom Tooth Extraction in West Hills, Los Angeles, CA!

Mastering Wisdom Tooth Extraction in West Hills, Los Angeles, CA!
Join Dr. Shoffet in this intriguing video as she tackles the first wisdom tooth impaction extraction of 2024. Witness the delicate process, unexpected challenges, and successful outcomes, showcasing the artistry of modern dentistry.

Dr. Shoffet: Good afternoon everyone. Today is the first case of the wisdom tooth impaction extraction of 2024 hippie. So it’s an interesting case. Once I was describing the consent form for our lovely patient, I mentioned to her I could see a little tiny curvature at the end of that root and I mentioned that’s one of the risk if it gets separated we may leave it because of the anatomical proximity to the mandibular nerve. And here it is, we extracted the tooth and by looking at it very carefully, that tiny, itsy bitsy tip was separated exactly as I explained to the patient and I took an X-ray and I could see it yes. And sometimes believe it or not, if it is, could be a risk to our damaging our mandibular nerve we may leave it there, but carefully, very carefully I approached it with my great assistant and cooperation of our lovely patient and look, I could remove with a little root tip that was removed and I’m very happy we stitched her it’s all lovely. We extracted her upper tooth as well and today is double tooth extraction of the wisdom tooth. Our patient did lovely and I’m very happy.

Dr. Shoffet Shares What Happens When A Patient Neglects Or Postpones Dental Care

Dental Extraction
What happens when you neglect your dental health? In this video, Dr. Shoffet shares what happened to one of her patients after neglecting a dental problem for too long.

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Roya Shoffet. I’d like to share this case that I had to treat recently for this patient. This patient presented with excruciating pain and swelling on her lower left molar, and she has neglected her teeth for a long period of time. And as you can see, the condition of this tooth is horrible and also we see a decay in the next door tooth, and I’d like to share it with you. So this is kind of a red flag for people who go without treatment for a long time. Obviously after X-ray, this is the radiographic image that you can see. She has severe infection between her roots, which explains to me that this is part of the reason that she has fractured root. She has decay on the next door tooth, adjacent tooth, and obviously this tooth is not saveable nor restorable. We need a extraction and requires surgery; we splitted the roots. As you can see, it came out in pieces. The root was fractured.

So the lesson from this case is this patient received a root canal at some point in her life, but she never followed up with the treatment. And as you can see, she had some temporary filling that fell off and she never attended to the final treatment. So as you can see, she is gonna lose, practically this tooth is gone. And also this one will require severe, you know, extensive treatment, possible root canal, gum surgery if we need to, and full coverage crown and the tooth was splitted so we needed to extract it. And after extraction, hopefully in a few months, we have applied bone graft to it. And after a few months, she’s ready to receive an implant. With our marvelous Miss Christina, she could get her financing and she could do the treatment. She was always worried, and by a few of these magical helps, she got her treatment done. I’m happy for her. And I just wanted you to get a lesson for those who are neglecting or postponing treatment.

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