Dr. Roya Shoffet

Overcome Dental Anxiety

Don't let fear hold you back from a healthy smile. At Royal Dental Practice, we specialize in gentle techniques and sedation options to help you overcome dental anxiety.

Unwind and Let Us Take Care of You

With sleep dentistry, you can enjoy a dental visit where you can unwind and let our team take care of your oral health needs. Experience the benefits of a relaxed and stress-free treatment.

Specialized Sedation Options

With our sedation dentistry services, you can wake up to a beautiful smile. We offer various sedation options tailored to your needs, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable experience.

Personalized Comfort

At Royal Dental Practice, we prioritize your comfort. Whether you have a strong gag reflex, suffer from claustrophobia, or want a more relaxed dental experience, our sleep dentistry options can help you feel at ease.

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