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A candid guide to precision, prompt, and painless teeth straightening with CandidPro™ aligners

Let’s be frank: At Royal Dental Practice, we serve West Hills and greater Los Angeles, California, with guidance on various orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth and fix a “bad bite.” But clear aligner therapy with the CandidPro™ system may be the most efficient and pleasant way to achieve or restore your healthiest, most confident smile.

What is CandidPro™?

Clear aligners were introduced as an alternative to braces in the 1990s. This form of orthodontic treatment generally uses a series of oral appliances to place gentle yet consistent force on the teeth. These forces gradually guide the teeth into their healthiest and proper positions. CandidPro™ is a type of clear aligner therapy. Patients prefer this treatment over braces because the aligners are transparent and not visible in the smile. They are also comfortable to wear and can be removed for easy and effective chewing and oral care throughout treatment.

What makes CandidPro™ different from other clear aligner systems?

We’re glad you asked! Our talented and skilled dentist, Dr. RoyaShoffet, carefully selects all the products, technologies, and services available at our state-of-the-art and mobile offices. Dr. Shoffet selected CandidPro™ over other systems due partly to its additional features. These extra perks support a truly convenient, effective, safe, comfortable, and stress-free experience. They include:

Aligners that fit accurately and precisely the first time. Proper fit promotes the best treatment experience, as well as precise and efficient teeth straightening and bite correction. The difference is the use of superior 3-D printing capabilities to design and fabricate each aligner tray
Aligners that truly exert gentle pressure. Other aligners may be associated with more intensive force earlier into the treatment process. This characteristic can make it difficult for patients to adjust to the aligners. Patient compliance may be a challenge because the trays are not as comfortable as their marketing suggests
Using high-performance plastic to fabricate the aligners helps ensure the pressure placed on the teeth remains consistent. Since the strength and durability of these aligners remain constant, they promote optimal and fast treatment
For utmost convenience, you may scan your teeth regularly from the comfort of your home! This feature helps to minimize the “check-ins” traditionally associated with orthodontic treatments – both clear aligners and braces. Dr. Shoffet can review and assess the images as treatment progresses to ensure everything remains on track

What do I need to do?

We like to make treatments at Royal Dental Practice as low-stress and hassle-free as possible. For CandidPro™ aligner therapy, the most crucial aspect of treatment is to wear each tray as advised by Dr. Shoffet. She will go over everything to expect, and that is required during your consultation.

Generally, the makers of CandidPro™ recommend that each aligner be worn in the correct order (as a treatment sequence) for at least 22 hours daily. So, you should only remove the aligners when cleaning them, brushing and flossing your teeth, or eating meals. You will also be provided with a retainer after treatment is completed. This prevents the teeth from returning to their pre-treatment positions.

To find out more, schedule your one-on-one visit with Dr. Shoffet. Our friendly and knowledgeable team in West Hills, Los Angeles, CA, welcomes your call to (818) 334-6655.

Dr. Roya Shoffer Yaghoubian
Bringing over 30 years of creative talent, skill, experience, and knowledge Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a phenomenal doctor. Her drive to achieve the best result has earned her a spotless reputation in terms of dental excellence and as a great person, kind and empathetic towards the needs of her patients.

Her dental education at USC School of Dentistry and her long life eagerness for learning thru extensive courses and numerous seminars has brought her to become this successful passionate dentist that all her patients appreciate very much and travel from near and far. Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Fernando Valley Dental Society. Her capabilities range from all aspects of general dentistry including cosmetic dentistry to more complex restorative and periodontics, and oral surgery for all ages especially highly experienced and well known for geriatric dentistry, giving her patients a variety of options under the same roof.