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If you find it challenging to visit your local Woodlake Avenue, California, dentist, Dr. Roya Shoffet, and our team at Royal Dental Practice want to make it easier for you to receive the dental care you need with our mobile dental services. 

The Benefits of Mobile Dentistry

When you opt for mobile dentistry, you can benefit in various ways. Firstly, you can receive top-notch dental care without even leaving your home. Secondly, mobile dentistry saves you time as you won’t have to travel anywhere for your appointment, making it super convenient. 

Here are some of the excellent advantages of choosing mobile dental care.


As we grow older, mobility becomes a challenge. For seniors, leaving home for dental appointments can be challenging. Having a mobile dental team visit your home can be a great convenience. It’s even more beneficial for those who are bedridden or use a wheelchair. Mobile dental care is also ideal for people living in remote areas. If you live far from dental offices, a dentist who offers mobile care can treat you without requiring a long drive.

Easy, Compassionate Dental Care

Many patients find the notion of receiving quality dental care from the comfort of their own homes to be a welcoming idea. It can provide significant relief for many individuals and grant them more flexibility than they previously had. Our mobile dental team will bring all the necessary equipment to provide safe and caring dental care. There is no need to endure hours sitting in an unfamiliar dental chair. Being in a familiar and comfortable environment like your own home can be an excellent way to alleviate any dental fear or anxiety you may have otherwise experienced.


In addition to its convenience, receiving dental treatment at home has other advantages. After your treatment, you can quickly resume any tasks or chores without leaving your house. Patients feel more confident when they receive dental care in a comfortable and safe environment. Our mobile services are incredibly convenient for those with busy schedules who find it difficult to make it to a dental office.

For More Mobile Dental Services Details

Dr. Shoffet invites families in the Woodlake Avenue area to contact our practice for information about our mobile dental services. Contact us at (818) 334-6655.