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A dental emergency can be overwhelming and will almost always be unexpected. Dr. Roya Shoffet and our team at Royal Dental Practice understand that a dental emergency can lead to stress and anxiety, so we offer emergency dental services to our patients in the Tarzana area of Los Angeles, California. 

Our goal is to provide a walk-in experience that results in painless dentistry so that your dental emergency can be resolved. It may result in a dental extraction or some other form of emergency treatment. Still, you can rest easy knowing that our entire team will treat your situation very cautiously so that no additional stress is added to an already critical condition.

It can be quite common not to know what constitutes a dental emergency. There are several situations Dr. Shoffet would consider a dental emergency, including teeth that are broken, chipped, or knocked out. The first step in handling a dental emergency will be to seek emergency dental assistance, so make sure to call our office as soon as possible. 

Here are some more common situations we would consider a dental emergency. Even if your particular situation doesn’t fall under one of the following, we still encourage you to call us so we can determine the appropriate next steps for you.


If you notice excessive bleeding from your mouth, it is crucial to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible. This bleeding may be caused by gum disease or physical trauma, and Dr. Shoffet will carefully assess the situation before determining the appropriate course of action. Rest assured that stopping the bleeding will be the top priority, and any necessary steps will be taken to address the underlying issue.


Toothaches are a common dental emergency caused by extensive tooth decay. If you experience sudden pain after eating or drinking, it may be due to exposed roots that are vulnerable to infection. It’s essential to seek emergency dental assistance promptly to address the issue.

Displaced Tooth

If one of your teeth becomes dislodged or is knocked out, please contact our office immediately. If the tooth is knocked out, only touch the crown and avoid touching the root of an intact tooth. Gently rinse the tooth in cool water and place it in a cup of milk until you can see us.


It may be a sign of infection if you notice swelling in your mouth or jaw. It’s essential to seek medical attention immediately by contacting our team to schedule an emergency appointment. We will examine your mouth to determine the cause of the swelling and provide appropriate treatment.

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