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Supporting Forever Smiles with Geriatric and Mobile/Concierge Dentistry

With age comes great wisdom. But tooth loss and other forms of damage to your oral health do not have to accompany the aging process. Our dentist at Royal Dental Practice, Dr. Roya Shoffet, truly rolls out the red carpet for her more “experienced” patients.

Geriatric and Mobile/Concierge Dentistry

Dr. Shoffet has a strong passion and interest in caring for seniors in West Hills and greater Los Angeles, California. So, it is only fitting that throughout her career, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to geriatric dentistry by acquiring substantial knowledge and expertise in caring for this population. 

Due to her training and experience, Dr. Shoffet intimately understands the unique oral health and overall challenges accompanying the aging process. She also accounts for and empathizes with the unique needs of senior patients.

As a true geriatric dentist, she has even developed considerable experience with caring for older individuals with comorbidities, such as: 

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia and cognitive impairment
  • Mobility challenges
  • Range of chronic and physical conditions

Additionally, Dr. Shoffet is among those rare clinicians who offer mobile dentistry services. This unique capability allows for our team to come to you or your family member. You never have to leave the house! You can enjoy and benefit from all of the exceptional dental services available at our office from the comfort and convenience of your home. 

Some of these on-the-go, concierge offerings include: 

  • Dental exams or assessments of the teeth and oral anatomical structures by state-of-the-art X-ray unit 
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Hygiene care and guidance, from routine professional cleanings and desensitizing treatments to fluoride and antimicrobial therapies 
  • Dental fillings (and repair of old or worn-down fillings and restorations) in limited cases
  • Tooth removal in very limited cases
  • Dentures, partial denture fabrication, maintenance like repairs, relining, and adjustments
  • Gum treatments such as deep cleaning and periodontal maintenance for the health of gums

In limited situations, Dr. Shoffet can also perform some oral surgeries and other restorative procedures at the bedside. For those procedures still best performed at our practice location, you have nothing to worry about! We can arrange safe and reliable transportation to and from our office. 

Changes to oral and overall health in one’s more advanced age can be overwhelming. It can also be challenging for caregivers to balance all the commitments competing for their attention. We are here to help!

Call (818) 334-6655 to schedule an appointment at Royal Dental Practice in West Hills, Los Angeles, CA – or let us come to you with mobile dentistry services! 

Richard’s Pain-Free Deep Cleaning Experience with Dr. Shoffet

Patient Testimonial

Cristina: Well it’s always a pleasure having a great patient in office and I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Roya Shoffet and our fantastic patient, Richard. They’d like to say a few words in regards to his experience with us today.

Dr. Shoffet: It was lovely meeting you Dr. Richard. I love working for great patients.

Richard: It’s my pleasure.

Dr. Shoffet: Yeah, you did wonderful today, and I’m glad I was here to help you.

Richard: Well, I’m glad you were here that you could help me, you did such a wonderful job. I hardly felt what you were doing there… you know I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort when you were doing anything to me.

Dr. Shoffet: Yeah, and we did the deep cleaning and no pain!

Richard: No pain, I’m really…

Dr. Shoffet: That’s marvelous!

Richard: I’m really impressed, thank you so much.

Dr. Shoffet: Oh, you’re very welcome, I’m so happy to start your journey in our office. You did awesome today.

Richard: Thank you, it’s my pleasure.

Cristina: Thank you Richard, you have a great rest of the day and enjoy the holidays.

Dr. Shoffet: Happy Holidays!

Richard: I will. You too guys. Not guys, girls, sorry!

Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon testimonial on Dentist Dr Roya Shoffet

Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon testimonial on Dentist Dr Roya Shoffet
Dr Eugene Dorr’s testimonial on Dr Roya Shoffet and the wide range of dental care she extends to ensure the optimal oral health of her patients.
Video Transcript
Good Morning everyone. I’m here with one of our great patients and I wanted him to share with you all in regards to his great experience here in our office.

My name is Dr. Eugene Dorr, MD. I practiced orthopedic surgery for over 40 years. During the course of my lifetime I’ve had occasion to see many dentists, and I would say that Dr Shoffet is the best dentist I have ever seen. She is gentle, she’s kind, she’s personable, she knows how to do many many things that other dentists would send to some other specialist. So it seems that she is a general-purpose dentist that can do almost everything. If she can’t do it herself, she knows people that can do it. So I appreciate her. I would recommend her highly to anyone, particularly those who have a problem with age or disabilities. Thank you very much.

Wonderful wonderful! We’ll always have the pleasure of having you in the office, and we’ll look forward to continuing with our wonderful dental services for you. Thank you