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If you live in Fallbrook Avenue in the Los Angeles, California, area and visit Royal Dental Practice to see Dr. Roya Shoffet and our welcoming team, you’ll immediately notice how much we care about making you and your loved ones feel comfortable. We offer dental care for the whole family, so you can rest assured that everyone’s oral health is cared for. We accept most types of dental insurance and have cost-effective payment options to ensure you can get the dental care you need without financial stress.

Dental Treatment For The Entire Family

Our office offers various services catering to the health and growth of young and old family members. Dr. Shoffet is passionate about helping children develop into healthy adults and recognizes the importance of early dental experiences and habits in shaping their oral health as they age. Negative experiences at a young age can lead to avoidance of future dental visits, which is why Dr. Shoffet strives to create comfortable and positive experiences for every patient. From the moment you walk in until you leave, we want every family member to feel welcome and at ease.

What Is Family Dentistry?

When you visit a dentist offering family dental services, you will get one who knows the unique challenges that every age group in your family may be experiencing. A young child will require special and different care than a teen or senior member.

Pediatric Dentistry helps the youngest members of your family grow into healthy young adults. Because young children’s oral health is constantly evolving and developing, unique challenges must be addressed when they present themselves.

Teen Dentistry presents another set of unique needs, including the need for possible orthodontic work as baby teeth fall out and new teeth settle in. These rapid changes in your teen’s oral health need to be addressed so that they will have a beautiful and healthy smile as they move into adulthood.

Adult Dentistry is necessary to ensure your oral health remains in great shape. While you have moved out of the developmental stages, your teeth will still require preventive and restorative care to address any dental disease before it becomes a more significant issue. Also, cosmetic dentistry is very popular among our adult patients.

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Dr. Shoffet welcomes Fallbrook Avenue area families to our dental practice for safe, gentle, and effective dental care. Our office can be reached at (818) 334-6655.