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Options for dental fillings West Hills Los Angeles, CA

Tooth decay (dental caries) is the most common oral health problem. In fact, it is one of the most common diseases in the world, especially among adolescents and senior citizens. According to CDC (centers for disease control) 20 percent of adults over the age of 65 have untreated tooth decay, and 96 percent have had at least one cavity in their lifetimes. That means nearly everyone will need dental fillings at some point. Fortunately, the procedure is fast and comfortable, with several options available at Royal Dental Practice in West Hills Los Angeles, CA.

About the dental filling procedure

“Are dental fillings painful?” That is the first question many people ask. With our gentle and precise techniques, the answer is, “no.” The procedure is completed in one appointment, and it takes just a few steps:

  • Comfort – At Royal Dental Practice, your comfort comes first, quite literally. The first step of the procedure is numbing the area to ensure painless treatment. We also offer sedation (sleep dentistry) for those who find dental treatment stressful or frightening.
  • Preparation – Your dentist will remove the diseased and damaged portion of the tooth. The area is cleaned and shaped for optimal filling retention.
  • Tooth filling – The dental filling material is placed directly in the cavity and shaped to match the contours of your tooth.

Types of dental fillings

During your consultation, we will discuss options and answer your questions so that you can decide what is right for you. There are two choices:

  • Cosmetic composite fillings – These are made from a metal-free resin material, which is colored to precisely match tooth enamel. Your tooth will look whole and natural once the procedure is complete; no one will ever guess you had a cavity. This is the most popular choice for a front tooth filling.
  • Silver amalgam filling – These are made from a metal alloy, which looks silver when first placed. Over time the filling may darken and become blackish. Most people do not want amalgam fillings in visible areas for cosmetic reasons. However, they have the advantage of being stronger than composite, and generally lasting longer.

A case of decay closer to the gum line at Royal Dental Practice - Dr. Roya Shoffet

A case of decay closer to the gum line at Royal Dental Practice - Dr. Roya Shoffet
In this video Dr. Roya Shoffet explains how she has managed a case of decay closer to the gum line of the patient. Watch the video to understand the case better.

Hello everyone, this lovely patient of ours came today, and I noticed that she had developed a decay close to the gum line.

She was undergoing orthodontia, so I believe she developed this decay due to some food debris collecting at the gum line.

Luckily she was here soon enough, and we did the bonding, provided composite filling, and restored her cavities.

This is immediately after, so the gum is irritated. But she’s happy that we got it right away, and it’s beautiful all over again.

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Are you ready to repair your smile?

No matter what type of tooth filling you choose, you can count on us to provide quality treatment and five-star customer service. Just call (818) 334-6655 and arrange a consultation to discuss your options.

Dr. Roya Shoffer Yaghoubian
Bringing over 30 years of creative talent, skill, experience, and knowledge Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a phenomenal doctor. Her drive to achieve the best result has earned her a spotless reputation in terms of dental excellence and as a great person, kind and empathetic towards the needs of her patients.

Her dental education at USC School of Dentistry and her long life eagerness for learning thru extensive courses and numerous seminars has brought her to become this successful passionate dentist that all her patients appreciate very much and travel from near and far. Dr. Roya Shoffet-Yaghoubian is a member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Fernando Valley Dental Society. Her capabilities range from all aspects of general dentistry including cosmetic dentistry to more complex restorative and periodontics, and oral surgery for all ages especially highly experienced and well known for geriatric dentistry, giving her patients a variety of options under the same roof.